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About RIG Middle East

Who We Are

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Being introduced to RIG Middle East, came at a crucial point of my life, not only did it teach me about Faith but also deeper things of the faith. It was as though a river was birthed forth in me by the Holy Ghost! This has caused a deeper hunger and desire for the things of God in my life.

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Since joining RIG Middle East I have felt the presence of the Holy Spirit stronger and more frequently than ever before. I have a deeper understanding of my assignment here and a new boldness. I know I’m here for a reason and am excited to be part of what God is doing here in the Middle East!

-Emily Steffens


My life has changed since I accepted Jesus into my heart at the RIG Middle East event and was able to get water baptized afterwards. Before I was very angry with my husband and what he has done to me, but now I have forgiven him. Because of Jesus I am no longer angry. I am feeling the presence of the LORD with me more and more. I am learning so much about the Bible. I feel peace and know that I am not alone. I keep on praying and have tears of joy even now. Thank you LORD for bringing me to this RIG Middle East event to find you.

-Annabel Basay

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